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Dr. Penny Rowe

Research Scientist
NorthWest Research Associates

    Refractive indices
    Single scattering params
Educational Materials
    PENGUIN: gitHub
    PENGUIN High
Computer Code

Educational Materials

  • PENGUIN: Polar ENgagement through GUided INquiry. In order to bring polar research and data into undergraduate curricula, we have developed Computational Guided Inquiry (CGI) modules that provide a framework for students to conduct inquiry through a Jupyter Notebook or an Excel sheet. The link above is our site hosted at the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) of Carleton College>. You can also check out the PENGUIN modules at gitHub, if you prefer.

  • greybodyRetrieval: A CGI module for understanding cloud property retrievals using inverse methods.
  • PENGUIN High: We are currently working on PENGUIN modules for the High School and community college level. Check out our progress so far!