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Marie-Pascale Lelong

Senior Research Scientist
Physical Oceanography

I am interested in the regime of oceanic motions that are influenced by both the Earth's rotation and buoyancy forces. This is the regime for which the Rossby number, Ro, is O(1). This regime is dynamically important because it links the energy-carrying, large scales (Ro<<1 regime) to the small, isotropic scales (Ro>>1 regime) at which energy is dissipated. Motions in this regime include inertia-gravity waves, submesoscale coherent vortices (SCVs) (sometimes referred to as vortical modes) and rotating, stratified turbulence. Understanding the dynamical processes that govern energy transfer between the different regimes remains the primary focus of my research.

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Recent presentations:
Presentation at Fields Institute Workshop on Sub-Mesoscale Ocean Processes, Toronto 12 June 2013: click here

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